Sea View House, Amagansett (pictured left)

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Carleton Local History Room Collection – Scope:

The focus of the collection will include materials about the history of Amagansett and, to a lesser extent, materials about the surrounding geographical areas of Napeague, The Devon Colony, Promised Land, Gardiner’s Island, the Springs and The Town of East Hampton, as well as the history and lore of Indigenous Peoples, to set Amagansett within its historical context.

Genealogical records and family histories pertaining strictly to founders and /or pioneer families of Amagansett may be collected.

Carleton Local History Room Collecting Policy:

The Local History collection will accept donations of  books, documents, maps, memorabilia, genealogical records of founding families, newspapers, news clippings and identified photographs (framed and unframed).  The Local History Collection will contain Oral History interviews in digital and print formats.  Three-dimensional objects will be considered if they fit within the mission of our collection.

The Local History Collection does not contain government records, such as City Council meeting minutes or Board of Education meeting minutes, or day-to-day business records.


The Library welcomes donations to its Local History collection. All donated materials must be free of dirt, mold, moisture, and pests and should be in good condition.  Scrapbooks/photo albums must be in archival quality albums or enclosures, and photographs must be identified.  Three dimensional objects may be accepted if they fit the scope of the collection and do not require special storage and preservation needs.

Materials that do not fit within our collecting policy will be referred to local historical societies.

The library reserves the right to decline gift offers.

Donors must sign a “Deed of Gift” transferring ownership, and copyright, if applicable, to Amagansett Free Library.  The donor and the library each retain a copy of the “Deed of Gift”.

Once a donation has been made the library reserves the right to decide how the donated item will be displayed or stored, or the item may be used by the public, and how long the item will be retained.  Materials I the Local History Collection may be scanned and placed on the Internet for viewing, may be moved to another location within the library, and may be withdrawn from the collection if deemed no longer appropriate to the collection.

Items that will not be accepted:

  • Unidentified photographs
  • Periodicals
  • Formats that are obsolete or that require transfer to up-to-date format to facilitate access.
  • Government records, such as meeting minutes
  • Items that have restrictions on use
  • Items that are in poor physical condition

Download form below for photographic reproduction and/or permission to publish: